Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Haunted house writing

The night mare

Doff doff my footsteps as I walk down the street at 11:55pm ,with dark gloomy sky's staring down at me and surrounded by dead trees .

"CREAK" screamed the door as I opened it , tick tock tick tock bing went the clock as it hit 00:00pm ,I saw a flickering light down the foyer, so I walked down the foyer and coming at me was a clown with an ,axe whispering la la la "AHHH"!! I screamed as I walked backwards , into a hole in the floor boards which lead me to the basement. I walked nervously through the basement with spiders the size of 2 dinner plates ,and their spider webs the size of 3dinner plates .I rubbed my arms as I walked down another set of stairs ,which lead me to a cold airy space where?. I walked on I thought to myself I ,wonder what's upstairs and why down so low if I can be upstairs in the house, I walked back upstairs and I looked around me and out of the corner, of my eye I saw a clown again I ran up the stairs into the toilet and I slammed the door shut and locked the door , smash the toilet window broke I unlocked the door and ran I ran into a small confined space .

"Michaela , Michaela" I hear mums voice calling as I wake up from my horrible dream of the haunted house .

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